Sunday, March 29, 2009

Someone Call The Cops, These Guys Are ON FIRE!

A few months ago, a friend of mine reccomended me to listen to this power pop/alternative/electronic band called, Call the Cops. They had not released their debut EP yet so I asked my friend for a copy of the songs she had and I thought I'd give it a listen. When I put the cd into my car stereo, I IMMEDIATELY started moving to the beat. I put my sunglasses on, rolled the windows down, and cranked the volume to their song "Motion Sickness". I couldn't believe it! These guys were the new Metro Station (but better). I expected them to be just another "scene" band. but Call the Cops brought way more to the table. Their catchy songs like "Get Close" and "Love Like Novicaine" will get you off your feet and onto the dance floor. I've already claimed the "I knew them before they were famous" bragging rights, and now so can you! Last of all, don't forget to get their FREE DOWNLOAD of their hit song "Get Close" on Purevolume NOW! CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, we won't be seeing much of these Califronia natives around the East Coast right now, but click here for Ernie's Battle of the Bands and vote for these guys to be signed for the 2009 Vans Warped Tour!

Call the Cops has now released their debut EP "Motion Sickness", and it can be purchased on Smartpunk or on Itunes for only $4.99. I HIGHLY reccomend purchasing it (Hey at this rate Metro Station is never going to release another album, and Call the Cops just might take their spot in line).

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beretta Jane is my Rock n Roll Bitch!


When music listeners think of Rock n Roll and Maryland, a few names come to mind; O.A.R, Good Charlotte, All Time Low, and yes; BERETTA JANE. This Baltimore glam-rock favorite has created the latest buzz around the DC/MD area. Beretta Jane kicked off a kick ass show this summer featuring Maryland natives, Good Charlotte, and the Arizona quintet, The Maine. With their 80s rocker style and sparkly pink drum sets, they really got the crowd pumped. During the show they played their full 5 song EP with full of sick guitar solos. The band formed in the summer of 2007, and in no time, they were picked up by 98 Rock*’s Program Dave Hill. Their hit song, “Die 4 U”, was put on regular rotation on 98 Rock and soon became one of the MOST REQUESTED SONGS! You can catch Beretta Jane frequently at local clubs such as The Recher (Towson, MD) and Sonar (Baltimore, MD). 

You can download their EP on itunes as well as their newly released single "My Way". The EP features: 

Die 4 U
Tippin Bottles
Rock n Roll Bitch
Where I Call Home
Blacktop Holiday

Watch their music video for Die 4 U right here on The Pulse: 

Click here for their Myspace and listen to a full stream of their EP.

You can even check them out on youtube here

Sunday, March 8, 2009

DC/MD/VA Concert Venues

So I thought I should post this as a sort of reference blog so people know where they can look to find local music live. They are all clubs/bars in the DC/MD/VA area that have local bands, small touring bands, and other indie artists. Typical music to be found in these clubs are ALL types of rock, electronic, rap, hip hop, folk, pop, indie, classic rock, oldies, cover bands, and on a rare occasion, country. Basically, EVERYTHING

Rams Head Live
The Recher 
Rams Head Tavern
Sonar Baltimore (My FAVORITE)
Talking Head
Santa Fe Cafe (
The Ottobar
Fish Head Cantina
Angel's Rock Bar

Washington D.C.
9:30 Club
Black Cat
Rock and Roll Hotel 
Velvet Lounge**
The Red and The Black

Jammin Java

*The majority of these venues are in the  Baltimore Area, excluding the Santa Fe Cafe (College Park, MD)

**Typically 18+ or 21+ shows

Friday, March 6, 2009

From Super Smash to Super Mash


LA Natives Dick Flink and Nick Fenmore - or the Super Mash Bros - describe their group as “Girl Talk’s Hot Cousin. like Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros produces mash-ups of top 40 singles and old-school music, but they also mix in things like european electronica, acoustic inide music, and much more. For example, on their track "Meet Me At Fantasy Island", this dynamic duo seemlessly blends Lenny Kravitz's "Getaway" to Hurricane Chris's "A Bay Bay”. They also use DJ Assault's “Ass ‘n Titties”, Creed's "Higher, Nelly's “Country Grammar”, Blink 182's “What’s my Age Again", and Lil Wayne's “A Millie”.

Their debut album, Fuck Bitches, Get Euros, is more than just mashups, but a real album. Each track has a completely different sound, and the tracks contrast each other well.

Now, here's the greatest part of it all, YOU CAN GET THEIR ALBUM LEGALLY FOR FREE! Yes you heard me well. Super Mash Bros has their debut album Fuck Bitches, Get Euros on (the group's own website). So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

UPDATE: make sure you download the file from Lazerwolf to avoid spamming and viruses.