Sunday, July 19, 2009

We're Gonna Teach You A Few Sleeping Lessons

*Raise your hand if you know where Old Saybrook, Connecticut is.
*Keep your hand raised if you have heard the band Sleeping Lessons.

Well if your hand is down, have no fear. The Pulse has brought the Sleeping Lessons from Old Saybrook, Conneticut here. These 4 boys have melted together pop, rock, dance, alternative, funk and hip hop music, and sprinkled some good lucks and adorable smiles on top to give you a treat for your ears. Beginning in the winter of 2009, the band began experimenting to find new sounds and then began booking small shows. They just released their first EP The Art of Growing Up and it is marvelous!

The 3 original band members Brandon Clark (Lead Vocals, Piano), Mike Izadi (Guitar), and Preston Briggs (Drums) were long time friends, but agreed that finding the right bassist would fill and solidify the band's sound. *cue entrance for Andrew Seltzer* Andrew Seltzer (Bass), a mutual friend of the band, joined the Sleeping Lessons, bringing his diverse sound as well production abilities. Andrew happens to be friend of mine who I have personally worked with on musical projects. When he introduced me to his band's music I knew that they would have a short shot to success.

You can check the sleeping lessons out at or at OR even on twitter at

Their EP will be available for purchase in the coming week, but if you are really inclined to listen to it you can email me at and get it for FREE! But hurry, the offer ends soon :)