Saturday, October 10, 2009

Featured Artist: Scouting for Girls

Well, since The Pulse has gone British, I think now would be a wonderful time to introduce a recent "outta the UK" favorite of mine: Scouting For Girls
SFG is a London-based indie pop band comprised of Roy Stride (vocals/keyboards), Greg Churchouse (bass guitar), and Peter Ellard (percussion). This phenomenal three piece manages to maintain the ability to write a song that is, quite frankly, catchy as hell, but don't come off as too mainstream or poppy. Their songs range in subject matter from crushes and love to... spies? Yes, ladies and gentlemen, spies. The song "I Wish I was James Bond," easily the most recognized track thanks to YouTube, states the speaker's wistful desires to "kiss all the girls and blow the bad guys away," much in the fashion of his idol, James Bond himself.
SFG takes a different approach to alternative musicianship as well. Instead of opting for the typical guitar-bass-drums style of many indie bands, SFG takes advantage of the versatility of the piano instead of the "standard" guitar. Some might find themselves initially skeptical on this front, but I assure you it actually produces a refreshing sound. I mean, I'm saying this, and as a guitarist, I'm automatically biased, and I'm saying good things about it. Come on now.
Despite the UK's adoration for SFG, I've noticed that the only real US recognition they've received is one of their songs in a Vonage commercial. Unfortunately, unless something's changed, the album is not available in the US iTunes store, but they have an EP available on their official website for free download so I recommend you check them out.

Official Website

Scouting For Girls - I Wish I Was James bond

Scouting for Girls|MySpace Music Videos

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bringin Back the Brits and the Brooks

He might be the next Jason Mraz or Gavin DeGraw but with a British accent. Not this isn't the Joe Brooks from LA. This singer/songwriter and Southampton native of the South UK will be a girl's next heartthrob. Brooks writes all of his own music in his tiny apartment and travels around the Southampton area playing gigs in small local clubs. In his personal blog, he explains how important connecting with his fans is and how much he appreciates their own creative personalities as well. Aside from writing music, Brooks loves to immerse himself in traveling, superheroes/alteregoes, vintage clothing, graphic design, and like any good Brit, TEA!

Now without further adieu, here is Joe Brooks ad his hit song Holes Inside! ♥ Alena