Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dancing at the Disco with The Dance Party

We endorse 2 things Jameson Whiskey and Danger. Photo by gsmphotography

Who would've known that Prince Georges County gave Text Colorbirth to a hipster indie pop/electronica band ? Well THE DANCE PARTY (TDP)  has put the DANCE back in PARTY. This high-energy rock group is from PG and DC. Think of Metro Station meets B-52s. Now that's TDP. These guys have released and EP and a their debut album, "Friction!, Friction! Friction!". 

With their catchy lyrics about "dying on the dance floor" and having "new wave love" these guys are in position to take over the pop world. These guys are also phenomenal live. TDP even invites you on the stage for a bit of dancing =] TDP's shows tend to sell out (especially at the Rock and Roll Hotel in DC) so make sure you get your tickets to their next show.

Fun Fact: Who would have known that their lead singer, Mick Coogan, is an AP English teacher at Northwestern High School in Hyattsville, MD.  I would have loved to have him as my english teacher!

You can check The Dance Party out on Purevolume and Myspace:

BONUS TREAT: TDP is interviewed by the DCist. Go check it out (it's pretty funny)!


  1. Two years ago, they sent me a tshirt and their demo. I know the the lead singer, coogan

  2. shit their good!!!! and Their on Itunes!!!! legit

  3. you would write about the dance party =]