Saturday, April 11, 2009

They aren't your normal family, they're The Baker Family

All in the Family

During a visit to Asheville, North Carolina, I met up with music producer David Barret, who also happened to be the drummer of The Baker Family Band. During a long chat at the recording studio in University of North Carolina Asheville, Barret described the band as a "a creative, original, listenable, and danceable indie rock band". He gave me a preview of their EP that was just released this past thursday (April 9th) at the Grey Eagle* and it introduced my ears to a new sound. The best way to describe the The Baker Family (TBF) would be a folk rock band full of excitement, loneliness, judgment, and hope. Their songs range from folky country to unconventional indie rock. The Bakers have performed all around Asheville, North Carolina, Atlanta, and NYC. Now, check them out at and at where you can even download some of their songs for FREE!

Watch the music video for their single "Bakers Can't Be Choosers"

*A small club in the town of Asheville

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