Sunday, May 17, 2009

The time has come for Generation Plushgun

I have probably contemplated writing this article at least a thousand times. Many moons ago I took a trip to New York University. During my official campus tour, I asked the tour guide (whose name I cannot remember) what his favorite band was that came from NYU. He said it was Plushgun. Following the tour, I immediately rushed to my laptop and hit up there myspace. I was surrounded by these sounds that were in explainable. As I began to listen to the first track 14 Candles I fell into a trance as their sound flowed and filled the room. Their music is an infectious sound of electronic beats and pop synths, like the perfect new wave indie rock dance lullaby. Plushgun released their first major EP in August of 2008 featuring their hit single "Just Impolite". The music video for the song even featured the popular Hairspray star Brittany Snow. They have released their first full length album this past February called Pins and Panzers, which can be ordered online, purchased at some record stores, or downloaded from Itunes.

Plushgun was founded by Dan Ingala of Brooklyn, New York. The current lineup of the band is Ingala on lead vocals and synths, Taylor Armstrong on guitar and Matt Bogdanow on drums. The band gained a large online audience when their music was featured in episodes of the web series We Need Girlfriends. They were featured in October of 2008 on NPR (click here for the article ). They have also been featured on Nylon magazine's website, MTV's The City, and MTV's The Real World: Brooklyn. Lucky for me, I've even made it into Plushgun's Myspace top friends!

Plushgun is on their first national tour this year so make sure you don't miss out on a chance to see this sensation live. Check them out on their Myspace at, and don't forget to buy their album. As for my relationship with the band, I'm not obsessed, JUST IMPOLITE!

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  1. JUNE 19th! I cannot wait to see them live~