Sunday, May 31, 2009

When Gotham Falls, A Hero Will Rise

It is true. Baltimore heavy rock band When Gotham Falls released their debut album Volume I: A Hero Will Rise this past September. The band rocks out to melodic piano lines and heavy guitar riffs. The band's song selection reaches new heights within this album. The album features a piano ballad “Caroline”, the emotional "Give Up The Ghost", and the so called radio favorite “Rewind”. It is the band's first step towards taking over Baltimore's rock scene. My personal favorite is California because of it's contrasting riffs and it's dark ad heavy guitar riffs. If you are fans of Atreyu, 30 Seconds to Mars, and bands alike, I know you'll want to add When Gotham Falls to your next playlist.

When Gotham Falls Is:
Josh (Vocals/Guitar)
Christian (Backup Vocals/Guitar)
Matt (Drums)
Mike (Bass)

Check them out at:

Keep it cool, keep it rocking
-The Pulse

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  1. They are really good Alena. I just downloaded a couple of their songs and have been listening to them throughout the past week. This is a wonderful blog! Keep it up and keep the music coming.