Wednesday, August 12, 2009

From 12 St. Manhattan, The Pulse brings you 4 Shadow Productions feat. Rhyme Progression

           So after vacationing for the longest time, The Pulse is back and we’re changing it up a bit. Out with the rock/pop/electronica/indie and in with some good old underground hip hop and rap. Fans of hip-hop artists such as Asher Roth, Fort Minor, Lupe Fiasco, and Wu Tang Clan must add this to their collection. 

The Pulse presents 4Shadow Productions

         Life IS a struggle when you have less than two weeks to record a 5 track hip-hop EP in just a college dorm room and a little one-room studio, but for the men of 4Shadow Productions they made do with just that. Rising from the Steinhardt Studios and 12 St. Manhattan, artist Rhyme Progression released his 12 St. EP July 18th in collaboration with JHY ENT 6one5 Productions, and Brendan AKA Crates.=

             The first track off the EP “Blind World” actually features a sample from a 10 cent 45 rpm found in the thrift store across the street from their dorm. Initially the group threw it aside, but “when Andrew Seltzer (a friend and bass/vocalist for the band Sleeping Lessons) walked in the room, pushed us aside and dropped the needle in the perfect place, adjusted the tone and pitch just right, and it was pure gold” says Crates. The first single released from the EP is “Life’s A Struggle”. It features the vocal talents of both Crates and Progression, and is a unique mix of harmonious vocals, piano, strings, and traditional hip hop beats into a sure to be hit.

           Though the group is spread across the country, they plan to collaborate again to release more of their music together. In the mean time though, you can visit each of their individual Myspaces to check out their individual projects. Now for what everyone likes, freebies. 4 Shadow Productions has made the 12 St. EP available free for download, exclusively to The Pulse readers. The catch is the album free for a limited time, so get your copy before it’s too late. You can get the album here:
but the link will be removed in about a week so get your copy now for free! 

Keep it cool, keep it rocking,
The Pulse

The group is:

Rhyme Progression – Rapper from Greely, Colorado

J.H.Y Ent (JHY Beats) – Producer from North Jersey, New Jersey

DJ Hyflo (6one5 Productions) – DJ and producer from Nashville, Tennessee

Brendan AKA Crates – Producer from Placerville, California


  1. i love the fact that one of my new favorite rap/hiphop artists (rhyme progression) is from the town that one of my most favorite screamo bands (Greeley Estates) got their name from. =]
    i might just go on a pilgrimage to this great city lol. -matthias

  2. this guy is great man!
    sick shit right here

  3. Alena, thanks for posting this and to everyone else, thanks for reading and listening. It means alot to us.

    -Rob aka Rhyme Progression

  4. I'm with Rob, thanks so much Alena.