Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Pulse hangs with Set Your Goals at the AP Fall Ball Tour

Hey, Alena here just popping in with another awesome interview! I got an awesome chance to hang with Mike (Drummer), Matt (Vocals), and Dan (Guitar) from the Bay Area pop-punk band Set Your Goals. Their performance at the Fall Ball Tour was INSANE and the guys from the band were really cool to hang with. Check out some of their latest tour stories and the story behind their latest album "This Will Be The Death Of Us" (Epitaph Records).

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TP: So how is everyone doing?
All: Good
Mike: Pumped for the show
Matt: Word, I got my coffee in hand

TP: Did you guys dress up for Halloween?
Matt: Yes we were the Juggalos
Mike: of the Insane Clown Posse

TP: HAHA NICE! Did you guys do anything special? Any parties?
Matt: Haha we tried getting into clubs but had no luck getting in
Dan: But we ate loads of candy

TP: So how’s it been playing with all the other bands on the Fall Ball Tour?
Matt: It’s been good. We love all the guys on tour
Dan: There are a lot of different bands and it brings in a huge crowd. It’s like one big family
Mike: There is just so much energy and the crowds are insane

TP: Who’s the messiest of the 5 on tour
Mike: Joe
Matt: Joe
Dan: Yeah Joe
Matt: Yeah he’s definitely the messiest but we make him clean.

TP: Who has been the best band to tour with so far?
Dan: Fireworks. They are a lot of fun. They have been our friends for a long time.
Mikey: True, New Found Glory and Four Year Strong were awesome as well.
Matt: Yeah we love Fireworks. When we're with them we go insane.

TP: What has bee the best location to visit while on tour?
Matt: Boston definitely
Mike: Chicago
Dan: I think on this tour though, I think we all can agree that the Nashville show was pretty crazy. Sold out and the set was nuts

TP: Any specific bands do you dream of touring with?
Matt: Metallica, The Cure, you know the usual
Mike: Ditto, New Found Glory, and we’ve already gotten to do that!
Dan: Black Sabbath, The Police, there are just so many amazing bands out there we’d love to tour with.

TP: So SYG just released a new album? Any specific inspiration for the title? 
Matt: You know we all had been going through some hard times just at home and stuff. The title just came up and really reflected everything we were going through. If things kept going the way they were, than it would have been “The Death of Us”.  But things turned around and picked up when we switched labels to Epitaph (Dan: Whoot).
Mike: We spent so much time on the record and we are just really proud with the way it came out. Mike Green is the man.
Dan and Matt: WORD!

TP: What can fans expect when they see you play live
Matt: Nothing but a crazy show. Don’t come if you don’t want to go crazy. It’s just full of energy and enthusiasm.
Mike: And don’t forget to sing along
Dan: Definitely
TP: Alright bros thanks for hanging with us and good luck on tonight’s show.  
All: Peace man

Photos from their performance on the AP Tour at the 9:30 Club Washington, DC:

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