Sunday, September 13, 2009

"Circles will not fill a square, don't fit together, but I don't care"

I found a $50 iTunes gift card in my desk. This resulted  in a music binge that could only be topped by Christmas 2008, when I got a $100 gift card and bought the 100 greatest songs of the 90s according to Vh1. Regardless, I bought some new stuff. Here are 3 new albums by 3 new bands you are buying today.

Aim and Ignite – Fun.
Must buys:        “All The Pretty Girls”
                        “Walking the Dog”
                        “I Wanna Be The One”
Fun. is a band made up of 3 people from 3 other bands: Jack Antonoff of Steel Train, Nate Ruess of The Format, and Andrew Dost of Paper and Plastick. Their debut album came out August 29, and it lives up to the band name. Aim and Ignite is good, fun music. “All the Pretty Girls” is reminiscent of Queen. “Be Calm” has a horn section that makes you think of the Queen of England. And the entire album makes you think of dancing. Aim and Ignite is what music should be: a party in a stereo.
Flawz – Caitlin Crosby
Must buys:        “Still Have My Heart”
                        “Don’t Play Me Hollow”
                        “Love Love Love”
If you don’t have $9.99 on your iTunes account, I’ll forgive you. However, it is nonnegotiable that you spare $.99 for her single, “Still Have My Heart.” Caitlin Crosby’s music is a little kooky, but pretty fun. Her voice is somewhere in between Katy Perry and Charlotte Sometimes, but poppy piano parts and clean guitars fill out her music. Type in her name on YouTube to see some pretty fun covers that she performs during her residency at the Hotel Cafe in LA (including an acoustic cover of “Baby Got Back”).
Welcome to the Walk Alone – The Rumble Strips
Must buys:        “Welcome to the Walk Alone”
                        “Not the Only Person”
Mark Ronson produced it. Do I need to say more?
I do? Really? Fine.
Killers strings and killer horns. I haven’t heard a more seamless mix involving an acoustic piano and a full rock band in a really long time. This album sounds like everything you’ve heard and nothing you’ve heard before. This album reminds me of everyone from Kaiser Chiefs to Herman’s Hermits to early No Doubt to … well, you get the picture. There is nothing I can really say to make you go buy this one that will do it justice. So get off this page and get on iTunes!

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