Sunday, September 27, 2009

I PROMISE my next post will be shorter...

So I've recently made a MySpace page. For bands and stuff.
In the few weeks I've had it, I've had indie bands add me, some exceptional, some much less so. I posted a blog asking if a band would like to be featured in The Pulse, to please contact me.
About a day later, I received a message from a band, known as Deathalizer, asking to be featured.
I always go into MySpace band sites with a high amount of skepticism. Usually they're either teenage bands that only have about a month's worth of experience working together and a GarageBand recording of themselves doing Smells Like Teen Spirit, or a label run page that has no personal affiliation with the band. But naturally I give it a shot. I've got nothing but time, and hell, it might be worth it.
Now would I be sitting here writing about it if it wasn't? Didn't think so.
Deathalizer is a four-piece unsigned metal band from New York. Adopting their unmistakably thrash style from the likes of Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera, they blend the best of what these bands showcase to create great, in-your-face metal.
Starting with The Angel's Fall, the first track from Deathalizer's album, It Dwells Within, kicks off with slow dark sounding acoustic guitars, breaking into similarly paced harmonized riffs, leading, finally, into the Metallica-esque "theme" of the song, in a sense.
This Metallica influence in a prominent factor throughout the album. And as a huge Metallica fan, myself, I found Deathalizer to have released less of an album, and more of what some people might find a breath of fresh air where the St. Anger and, for some, Death Magnetic era of 'tallica just didn't make the cut (I personally thought DM was great, but to each his own).
That's not all we see however. The taste of Slayer one hears in both the intro riffs of Suicide Lane and the entirety of Crawling Back In is incredible. A shadow of Pantera takes over in Crumbs From the Sky, and by the fifth track, More than Gone, the band is ready to slow it down a bit. Not entirely, however. Starting with some slower bass and some simple chugging riffage, the thrash returns just before the again, slower, vocally focused verse. Which I might add, you haven't been hearing James Hetfield. Although not an exact sound, the vocal style is unmistakable.
The final song and title track of It Dwells Within marks the final return of the Pantera influence, both instrumentally and vocally. Even now, though, there's a little bit of Kill 'em All in there, closing the album.
One thing I loved about listening to Deathalizer is that they're not a band that's afraid of a guitar solo. They have talent, and they're not afraid to use it, and IT PAYS OFF. They've created a solid, powerful release that I would recommend to any modern thrash fan. And being the kind of unknown band that they are, they get personal with the fans, both potential and current. "We are mainly fans of thrash metal. We compose and play the music that we would want to hear ourselves as fans. We like to have fun on stage and raise the spirits of the audience. If you are into that, come join us on this ride. " says guitarist Antonio Calaf. Listen to the man.

It Dwells Within was (and still is, at least at the time of this writing) available on their official website in mp3 format for no charge at 128k. Although $5 (or more, it's a name your price kind of thing) for the higher quality version wouldn't be a mistake.

Check 'em out:
Official Website

All I got for ya today. Enjoy.

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